Hume and Causation

This is a painting by a former student of mine, Jihan Saba. It’s titled “David Hume and Causation,” and it was inspired by class material concerning Hume from a class I taught on metaphysics and philosophy of science, which Jihan was a student in. I have a lot of sentimental attachment to this painting since it was the product of a student’s passionate interest in some of the class material that I love to teach.



Above is a pic with my nephews, Alex and Harrison.



Above is a pic of me with my dissertation advisors (Barbara Montero, Jonathan Schaffer, and Graham Priest).


met pic e 2


This is a pic with some very good friends from grad school, on the afternoon that we took our metaphysics doctoral qualifying exam together.


This is a pic with my brother (Dan), sister (Lisa), and nephew (Alex).