Hume and Causation

Above is a pic of a painting by a former student of mine, Jihan Saba.  The painting is titled “David Hume and Causation,” it was inspired by class material concerning Hume from a class I had taught on metaphysics and philosophy of science.  Although I don’t understand abstract art, I love this painting for the reason that it was the product of a student’s passionate interest in some of the class material that I love to teach.



Above is a pic with my nephews, Alex and Harrison


GROUNDING WORKSHOP FLYER – This is the flyer for a metaphysics conference that I put together a while ago (which, as far as I know, was the only entirely vegan metaphysics conference that has ever taken place!) at CUNY on the topic of fundamentality and grounding.


dartmouth pic

Above is a pic of me presenting at a philosophy conference at Dartmouth, UMass, in 2014.



met pic e 2


Above is a pic of me and some very good friends from grad school on the afternoon that we took our metaphysics doctoral qualifying exam together.